Wednesday, November 1, 2017

BetNow : The New NBA Timeout Rule as well as Horse Racing

If the client doesn't similar something, businesses commonly create something almost it, if they can. The NBA is a perfect representative of looking to satisfy customers, though sometimes they are tiresome to react, exactly nowhere nearly every bit tiresome every bit Equus caballus racing.

I recall the ABA. Besides existence known for their psychedelic simulated basketball game as well as the bang-up doctor J, they were trend ahead of the crease every bit they introduced the iii betoken handbasket inwards 1967 when their league formed (It was genuinely introduced past times WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN IF HORSE RACING HAD Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 COMMISSIONER

One finally thing, give thank you lot you Michael Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for getting the NBA to become amongst longer baggy shorts inwards 1984.

Monday, August 7, 2017


Let's expect into into future, peradventure 3 years from directly or peradventure 203 years from now. Racetrack owners volition in conclusion larn together in addition to create upwards one's hear that since successful sports such equally baseball, football game in addition to basketball game all have
Commissioners, Equus caballus racing should receive got a Commissioner too. Commissioners receive got i major destination in addition to that is to grow the game's client base of operations piece beingness mindful of the wellness of the athlete. They utilisation uniform rules that are plain of study to alter (if it is flora that sure enough rules may drive equally good many customers to stray from their game, or if athletes are sustaining equally good many injuries). Commissioners receive got an ace inwards the hole, they tin forcefulness out objectively impose pregnant fines in addition to suspensions for cheating or bad behavior.

Here is closed to of what a Racing Commissioner inwards a centralized role tin forcefulness out accomplish:

Uniform fines in addition to suspensions. If a L.A. Laker role musician gets caught doing drugs inwards L.A., he isn't solely suspended inwards L.A. He can't play anywhere for all the same long the suspension is. If a Knick is caught doing just the same thing, he gets the exact same fine and/or suspension. This same criterion volition directly apply inwards Equus caballus racing.

Uniform medications. This is a no-brainer. As the novel Horse Racing Integrity Act suggests, brand a listing of what tin forcefulness out larn into a horse's arrangement in addition to when, in addition to brand everything else illegal. This listing should also include procedures such equally "doing the stifles," in addition to fifty-fifty larn equally far equally regulating hyperbaric sleeping accommodation use. All procedures should last reported to the rails in addition to that information should last reported to the commissioner's role in addition to posted on their website thence horseplayers in addition to horsemen alike tin forcefulness out sentiment it. The NFL has no employment making populace when a role musician stubs his to fifty-fifty though it is illegal to bet on football game nudge nudge wink wink.

The Commissioner's Office volition last inwards accuse of monitoring out of contest testing equally well. It should also last inwards accuse of hiring the testers in addition to placing them inwards the correct areas.

Uniform minimum wagering bet types. This volition laissez passer on past times osmosis if at that topographic point is a Commissioner. Payouts also volition last uniform (tris volition either demonstrate a wages based on $1 or 50 cent bet at every track, for example).

Uniform whipping rules. Whether it is decided that hitting a Equus caballus to a greater extent than than 3 times inwards succession is a no no, or if whips are eventually banned, every racetrack participant volition operate nether the same develop of rules.

Of course, rails owners volition last invited to Hawaii, where betting on horses volition last legal past times then, to participate inwards an annual Owner's Meeting where novel proposed rules tin forcefulness out last suggested in addition to decided upon.... past times the Commissioner's Rules Committee. That commission volition last made upwards of mainly horseplayers.

Speaking of Hawaii, a Commissioner's role mightiness last able to focus resources to vestibule to legalize Equus caballus race wagering inwards states that create non allow Equus caballus racing gambling at all and/or over the internet.

The role tin forcefulness out last a house to larn to amongst novel innovations. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Commissioner whose involvement is to grow the client base of operations would most probable force through substitution wagering in addition to fifty-fifty a national lottery.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 centralized Inquiry Center. There volition last ii sets of eyes on each alive race to expect for fouls when non called past times jockeys. If at that topographic point is an inquiry, the same 3 judges larn to brand a determination whether the potential interference but happened at Delaware Park or Saratoga or both. It should last noted that the horseplayers volition inevitably create upwards one's hear if they desire the criterion to last "if a Equus caballus wouldn't receive got compaction the Equus caballus who interfered amongst it anyway, at that topographic point is no DQ" or "there volition last a DQ for whatsoever interference." This is where the powerfulness to poll the client comes into play. Also, inwards basketball, at that topographic point is no demand to hear from a role musician who may or may non receive got tipped a ball out of bounds. The same business of thinking should function amongst objective stewards non having to hear from jockeys. The replays should last plenty to order the whole story. If 3 stewards can't come upwards to a total agreement, the results should stand, in addition to at that topographic point should last no demand for an appeal. The stewards volition also utilisation objective standards when it comes to fair starts.

The argue at that topographic point won't last equally good many overlapping inquiries is because the Commissioner's Office volition receive got concluding say on scheduling races. Tracks volition submit the total of race dates, their preferred shipping times in addition to actual dates, in addition to the commissioner's role volition create its best to accommodate those race dates in addition to also infinite all races equally much equally is humanely possible thence races at multiple tracks don't larn off at the same fourth dimension nearly equally much equally they create correct now. They mightiness fifty-fifty last able to assistance negotiate optimal times amongst racetracks which volition assistance racetracks last equally profitable equally possible.

And yes, at that topographic point volition heavy fines for shipping drag violations. Bettors loathe it, in addition to that is what matters to the Commish.

There are other things the Commissioner tin forcefulness out expect after, similar capping takeout in addition to force to eliminate breakage, but but nearly everything higher upwards can't last achieved without closed to course of study of a centralized body.

I wrote the higher upwards article inwards the July edition of Horseplayers of North America's gratis e-magazine Horseplayer Monthly July 2017 Edition.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

BetNow : 2017 Queen's Plate Predictions

Queen's Plate Day is upon us i time to a greater extent than as well as every bit a Canadian who blogs almost Equus caballus racing, albeit really sparingly these days, I experience an obligation to at to the lowest degree give my picks for the race.

Because I avoid filly repeat winners at all costs, the fact that the forenoon employment favorite is precisely that agency that at that spot mightiness merely live to a greater extent than or less value inwards this race. Lightly raced Holy Helena is coming off a top figure inwards the Oaks as well as a same twenty-four hours fourth dimension that was i sum minute improve than the Plate Trial. It is almost certainly that she volition bounce, the query is how much. I'm envisioning midway through the far turn, to a greater extent than ofttimes than non when jockey Luis Contreras asks his horses to go, a fleck of life followed past times an empty sign at the 1/8th pole.

So who create I like? It is really difficult to actually similar anyone coming from the Plate Trial, but if were to selection the i alongside the best chance, it would live King as well as His Court. He looks similar he tin sack improve off that concluding race as well as because he had success every bit a ii twelvemonth sometime at Woodbine going a mile as well as an eighth, I await him to grip the extra 8th of a mile.

I'm pitching Guy Caballero who seemed to autumn into a win. It is possible he tin sack improve, but he merely doesn't seem skillful enough. State of Honor is to a greater extent than or less other Equus caballus who volition in all likelihood bring activity because of who he faced inwards the past, but he looks similar a seven furlong to a mile horse. If he has whatever pressure level on the lead, expression for him to falter past times the top of the stretch. Without pressure level he even as well as thence should live passed past times at to the lowest degree three comers.

The top figure Equus caballus (if y'all eliminate the filly) is Channel Maker. I run across the i ship every bit a create goodness inwards the Plate. I don't similar horses off over a calendar month going this sort of distance, but these days 35 days is acceptable. The obvious query is tin sack he instruct the distance? He seems to live a mile as well as sixteenth horse, as well as thence he'll demand a skillful trip to win the race, whatever trouble, as well as it volition live an uphill climb.

Malibu Secret is a existent mystery. Something tells me his entire preparation sweat this twelvemonth has had i destination inwards heed as well as that is the Plate. His numbers lay him inwards the hunt here.

It can't become without maxim that Eurico Rosa Da Silva took Tiz H5N1 Slam inwards this race. Right now, he looks similar a improve grasser. His numbers brand him a contender, but his ship mightiness live likewise difficult to overcome. Finish tertiary or 4th is a skillful possibility for him.

Aurora Way was really impressive beating upward on maidens inwards his exclusively race, but his speed fig coupled alongside his ship today doesn't create it for me.

Republic of Chad Brown's filly Inflexibility (named afterward racing's opinion against recognizing that Equus caballus racing is almost gambling non as well as thence much sport) may improve off her last, as well as I tin sack run across her fifty-fifty beating Holy Helena. Even so, at best she mightiness instruct fourth.

Spirit of Caledon is to a greater extent than or less other who mightiness merely improve plenty as well as instruct a skillful plenty trip to graze the superfecta.

As for the other horses non mentioned, I merely don't similar them plenty to advert them, as well as if they run inwards on me, I'll plough the page, I receive got no issues turning the page regardless if the race has a 1000000 dollar pocketbook or a $10,000 purse.

My official picks:

Fort Erie's Pregame Show is sum of Queen's Plate Picks past times horsemen inwards the backstretch:

Sunday, June 11, 2017

BetNow : Is It Time For The Omni?

The Omni wager, also known equally the Swinger has spread into North America, non yet on whatsoever USA or Canadian's rail betting menus, simply it is available to North American Horseplayers on South Africa as well as Hong Kong cards. If yous play it yous no longer receive got to country things similar "Ist as well as 3rd again, the storey of my life," because if yous complete 1st as well as 3rd, yous cash.

After takeout is removed from the Omni pool, the residue is divided past times three. One 3rd goes to those who wagered on the 1st as well as 2d finishers, some other 3rd goes to those who wagered on the 1st as well as 3rd finishers, as well as the end 3rd goes to those who wagered on the horses who finished 2d as well as 3rd. In other words, it is most 3 times to a greater extent than probable that 1 would cash this wager equally opposed to playing an exacta box or quinella. Of course, the payout is unopen to 1 3rd of what an exacta box would pay equally well.

It is a wager that could wing amongst novel players. If yous expect at the success of Daily Fantasy Sports, churn is a fundamental factor. Many players are content when they double their coin for the nighttime equally they receive got activity coin for the adjacent brace of days without having to larn to the well, spell also keeping an midpoint on the large prize. As an entry degree wager, the Omni offers plenty of a vantage to lay a grin on the aspect upwards of a newbie, spell also introducing them to the reckon of using multiple horses which leads to agreement handicapping to a greater extent than which could Pb to to a greater extent than horizontal as well as vertical wagers where bigger payoffs occur.

The Omni was laid to debut at Aqueduct inward 2014 amongst a 15% takeout, simply for some reason, the Dec 2013 intelligence releases never came to fruition. It could last argued that NYRA understands churn as well as growing concern to a greater extent than than most, if non all organizations out at that spot today. The fact they don't offering jackpot bets is bear witness of that, as well as if anyone is going to laid out offering the Omni at a North American track, it volition in all probability last them.

The large work regarding the Omni is that pools are already diluted equally players receive got besides many options each race. Pool size is of import to value players, as well as thence it powerfulness receive got a spell for the Omni to pick out involve hold of on, however, if racing is to grow, the focus should last on high churn depression takeout wagers equally opposed to the electrical current jackpot fad, that is lazily becoming available at to a greater extent than as well as to a greater extent than tracks promise to fluke into a Gulfstream Park Rainbow half dozen province of affairs rather than intend out of the box for ways to grow handle. Jackpot wagers practise petty to no churn as well as practise no novel long term players, the Omni could practise the opposite.

How most repealing as well as replacing jackpot bets, Hi 5s as well as high takeout superfectas inward races amongst less than seven betting interests amongst a depression takeout Omni?

Friday, April 21, 2017

BetNow : Jackpot Wagers Are Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Hindrance To Growth

Many racetracks direct hold introduced Jackpot bets over the final few years. Beulah Park had the Fortune Pick 6, which was a carbon re-create of Puerto Rico's real pop poolpote wager, was going for a few years without much fanfare. Things changed on Derby Day 2010. The Fortune Pick vi had a carryover of
over $400,000 too in that place was a mandatory payout that day. The manufacture took notice every bit a modest racetrack was getting odd attention, fifty-fifty taking only about attending away from the Derby itself. $700,000 inwards novel coin was wagered on the Pick vi that day.

Some observers saw this every bit a practiced thing. Even Andy Beyer wrote an optimistic article on Jackpot bets, too he was in all probability the start someone to convey upwards the sentiment of developing Hi v Jackpot wagers.

Although Jackpot Bets may move practiced for an private racetrack because the bulk of coin beingness wagered originates off-track too larger jackpots attract only about players to play a rail they may non direct hold without the jackpot, these wagers collectively kill churn. Also, in that place is no testify to present that Jackpot wagers create novel customers too it is mutual feel that customers are using "extra money" on these bets. Horseplayers do non direct hold "extra money."

With Equus caballus racing handgrip on a downward spiral, peculiarly when taking into work concern human relationship inflation too population growth, from an manufacture standpoint it makes no feel direct hold away potential churn. For racing to grow, horseplayers necessitate to move engaged. The biggest fashion past times far that they are engaged is past times having coin to play the side past times side race or the side past times side day. Keeping horseplayers inwards the game keeps them focused on Equus caballus racing 24/7, this way in that place is a adventure that identify unit of measurement members too friends may teach exposed to the existing player's passion.

Not solely do Jackpot wagers direct hold pregnant churn dollars away, when someone striking it (with the exception of mandatory days), the lucky winner is unlikely to churn dorsum the winnings whatever fourth dimension soon, also the winner is taxed if the Jackpot is high enough, too this represents lots of coin that is forever taken from the potential churn pot.

It is tough to await a rail similar Gulfstream to direct hold its Jackpot bet off the carte every bit arguably business office of its electrical flow success could real good move attributed to the Rainbow 6, but this goes manus inwards manus amongst today's racetrack civilization which is all virtually competing for a shrinking slice of the pie, non growing the client base. Problem is that tracks are contributing to the shrinking the pie fifty-fifty to a greater extent than past times offering Jackpot wagers.

Racetracks run into Jackpot wagers every bit a marketing tool, too in that place sure is a lot of involvement on mandatory payout days at tracks similar Woodbine too Gulfstream Park especially, but the construct upwards to those days isn't worth it for the industry. Surely in that place must move alternatives tracks tin move use.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 50 cent Pick vii would generate frequent decent carryovers if they teach popular, for example. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 nationwide lottery similar to Sweden's V75 would move fantastic every bit it would convey inwards "extra money" from novel potential players, though it would direct hold a lot of cooperation past times jurisdictions too racetracks to teach it to go. Canada has national lotteries, however, inwards the the US the closest matter to a national lottery is Lucky For Life which straight off available inwards 23 states. Another positive virtually such a lottery is that it potentially tin move move used past times the Equus caballus racing manufacture to operate into states that currently do non let wagering on Equus caballus racing. Just a thought.

This article tin move also move constitute inwards HANA's Horseplayer Monthly, Keeneland Edition.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

BetNow : Let's Make Horse Racing Great Again!

President Donald Trump took around fourth dimension off Twitter to sign eight executive guild specifically having to practise amongst Equus caballus racing.

"Horse racing is a bang-up American pastime. Many jobs depend on the game. But tragically, the game has been dying for years. It is hence bad, that full handgrip went downwards fifty-fifty nether Obama when only almost everything including how much Americans adventure went up.

I lonely tin create Equus caballus racing together with create many many to a greater extent than jobs inwards the process. Handle volition triple inwards only 2 years cheers to these executive orders. Let's brand Equus caballus racing bang-up again!"

"I know to a greater extent than almost rail takeout than the whales do. The lower the takeout, the to a greater extent than coin that goes dorsum into the gambler's pocket. And the gambler isn't going to pass that extra coin on a course of didactics at Trump U., because Trump U. doesn't be anymore cheers to the dishonest media, no, they are going to bet it dorsum on the horses, together with because they'll hold upwards able to bet to a greater extent than often, they volition tell their identify unit of measurement together with friends how much fun they are having together with how slow it is to bet on the races. Soon everyone inwards America, except the deceased, the illegal aliens together with the minority of voters who voted against me, volition hold upwards betting on the vii Equus caballus inwards the Kentucky Derby. I saw something on Fox News that the vii is a lock this year.

As for the international 16% cap, I already have got Russian Federation together with all their racetracks on board."

"I nous closely to the people, together with i of my biggest supporters, I forget the guy's name, told me almost this breakage situation. It is hence wrong. Gamblers should larn dorsum everything they have got coming, together with i time again, the to a greater extent than they have got inwards their pockets, the to a greater extent than they volition bet, together with the longer they volition bet. I ran an extremely successful casino empire, I know all almost churn, believe me."

"Horse racing needs stars similar the Kardashians. If the Kardashians retired to popular out babies, nobody would scout them. And this guild should strengthen the breed too. The argue I'm the President at lxx today is because of bang-up genes, everyone inwards my identify unit of measurement has bang-up genes, you lot don't come across me retiring early, only people amongst bad genes retire early."

"I know this race 24-hour interval Lasix ban is going to anger the Bernie Sanders supporting Left but it must hold upwards done. No Bernie, if a Equus caballus bleeds without Lasix, it shouldn't hold upwards given the chance to hold upwards on an equal playing champaign amongst a Equus caballus that doesn't bleed. Really bad bleeders ask to halt racing, together with it is only a few horses that genuinely bleed that much together with because Lasix drains a horse, without Lasix horses volition hold upwards able to come upwards dorsum together with race to a greater extent than often, champaign size volition genuinely increase, together with I heard that bettors similar bigger champaign size."

"Drugs are killing the game. Super trainers don't fifty-fifty educate their horses anymore, they only inject the same drugs illegal immigrants piece of work earlier they swim across the Gulf of United Mexican U.S.A. together with put down on the shores of Florida together with Louisiana. These guys have got super endurance, you lot must have got seen them swim on TV similar I have. This is bad together with must hold upwards stopped. It volition hold upwards stopped."

"We volition lower taxes on Americans, together with abolishing taxes on racetrack winnings is a bang-up agency to start. Once again, the to a greater extent than coin that is inwards the pockets of the gambler, the amend off the manufacture volition hold upwards inwards the long run. And I loathe Jackpot bets, they are churn killers. My 50% revenue enhancement volition halt players from playing together with and then tracks volition halt offering this dizzy wager together with don't believe tracks who say that Jackpot bets create novel players, that is Fake News!"

"With every nation instantly allowing Equus caballus racing betting, handgrip volition larn upwards bigly on that alone. And we'll come across to a greater extent than states outset edifice racetracks. If Florida had a racetrack I'd hold upwards spending my weekends at the rail rather than on the golf game course, together with instantly they mightiness construct one, mayhap fifty-fifty two.

I also suggest that the residing nation of the gambler receives 1% of whatever is wagered past times residents online, or 1% of what is wagered at tracks or OTBs. Lets facial expression upwards it, person from South Carolina could hold upwards betting at a rail inwards Pennsylvania but other than the holes inwards his jeans, how tin you lot tell he is from South Carolina? On the meshwork it is different, you lot tin tell. But around states are out of command on what they charge, Minnesota late started charging together with arm together with a leg on their residents wagers, together with instantly no betting companionship wants to accept Minnesota residents except for illegal offshore bookmakers that assistance fund ISIS. This stops today."

"I'm an skilful on Sweden. If it wasn't for the V75 the only matter they'd have got going for them are their meatballs. Most of the blonde women, together with I practise dearest women, have got left or desire to travel out because of the daily terrorist attacks. I'd similar to sign an executive guild that allows a few hundred G blonde women from Sweden to come upwards into America every bit refugees but I was told I could never larn it passed."

Friday, January 27, 2017

BetNow : Teenagers Are Gambling Their Skins Away

I don't know much most eSports, but evidently quite a few by together with large younger people know a whole lot. Not solely that but in that place is a whole lot of (illegal?) gambling become on.

Teenagers from every jurisdiction inwards the U.S. together with Canada tin give the axe bet on everything from video game outcomes to money flips using something called skins equally currency. H5N1 15 yr erstwhile inwards Texas tin give the axe bet on a diversity of eSports but 50 yr erstwhile can't brand a legal $2 bet on a Equus caballus race online inwards Texas, Alaska, Georgia, etc. Something is actually incorrect alongside this picture. Instead of fighting for a bigger slice of a shrinking pie, Equus caballus racing execs demand to larn together together with expand their client base.

Simple suggestions: H5N1 nationwide Equus caballus racing lottery similar the V8, lobbying the states that don't let online Equus caballus racing betting to become far the game, together with ahem, lowering the takeout.

I'm certain that U.S. volition come upwardly downward difficult on eSports.....eventually, similar they are doing correct directly alongside Fantasy Sports. I simply don't run across whatever jurisdictions legalizing it. Meanwhile, simply similar alongside the online poker surge from a few years back, nosotros simply run across to a greater extent than proof that immature people similar to gamble, they simply don't appear to similar to adventure on parimutuel Equus caballus racing. H5N1 few visible winners mightiness alter that, but that would hateful that all racetracks, non one, non two, but all, would stimulate got to trim takeout to the 10-12% make tops. I don't run across that coming to fruition anytime soon.

The Equus caballus racing manufacture pats itself on the dorsum over handgrip gains that don't fifty-fifty musical rhythm out inflation together with hold upwardly these results equally the argue that radical changes are simply non necessary.

Back to eSports, this video is quite an pump opener:

And approximate what?, Equus caballus racing is besides an eSport now. Check the slot auto similar churning that goes on (I intend the takeout is inwards the 5% range):